Geographic Information Systems

Election Maps

A geographic information system (GIS) is a collection of spatial information that maps people, places, and things. The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office and Elections Department use GIS for voter registration and election planning to answer questions like: what ballot styles should be created for an upcoming election, where should voting locations be placed, and how should districts be redrawn after Census results are delivered


The Recorder's Office provides a variety of mapping services and offers several options for viewing maps of election districts and voting precincts. Read more below to learn about our interactive mapping webpages, pre-formatted maps available to download and print, how to request large size and custom created maps, and spatial datasets available for download.



Interactive Web Maps

These online interactive maps allow you to view and navigate the county. On the Interactive Elections Map, users can find Congressional, Legislative, Supervisorial, and special districts, as well as voting and justice court precincts. The Interactive UOCAVA Map shows where Maricopa County is in contact with uniformed and overseas citizen voters throughout the world. These interactive maps will also let you overlay and analyze districts, obtain demographic and registration information, and more.


 Use the Table of Contents on the Interactive Map to select the district(s) you would like to view. 

 Or, simply search by any Maricopa County address.

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Over 1,100 pre-formatted maps are available. Click the district type to list the maps available. Then select a map and it will open in a new browser window. Once at the map, you can print it out or use Adobe Acrobat's tools to examine it.

The following are examples of maps that can be printed for public use: 

  • Cities and Towns
  • School Districts
  • Voting Precincts
  • Fire Districts
  • Justice Precints
  • Supervisorial Districts
  • Zip Codes
  • Technical Education Districts
  • Legislative Districts
  • Congressional Districts

8.5" x 11" - $1 11" x 17" - $5 36" x 48" - $15 54" x 70" - $25

Many of these maps have already been created, but for those that have not or if you are interested in a custom map, the cost is $40/hour for labor plus the printing cost. If you are interested in ordering a paper map, please complete a map request form.

Download Spatial Data

Geographic Information System mapping datasets are available for download. The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office maintains these datasets which are refreshed weekly with any updates.

Download the Data

geographic data

For Arizona Legislative and Congressional district spatial data, please visit the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission website: 

The Voting Precincts and Justice Precincts contained within these pages were approved by the Board of Supervisors on March 9, 2022 and effective as of March 18, 2022. The Board of Supervisor Districts contained within these pages were approved by the Board of Supervisors on February 6th, 2012 and Precleared by the Department of Justice April 3rd, 2012. Information regarding the Legislative and Congressional Districts can be found here: 


Please note that these maps show districts and precincts within Maricopa County only. Some districts extend beyond Maricopa County, and only the parts within Maricopa County are shown here.


Disclaimer: This website represents the best information available to Maricopa County and the Recorder's Office/Elections Department and every effort has been made to ensure all mapping data is current and accurate. The Maricopa County Recorder's Office/Elections Department does not warrant its accuracy or completeness. These maps are not intended for surveying, engineering, or emergency response purposes. If you find any data you believe is inaccurate, or if you have any questions or comments on this web page, please send an email to [email protected].