Voting in Person

Provisional Ballot Status

Provisional ballots are a safe guard to ensure no voter is ever turned away from a voting location. If a voter’s eligibility is not certain, a voter will always be offered a provisional ballot.

There are two kinds of provisional ballots: regular and conditional. Most provisional ballots do not require the voter to do anything additional. Elections staff will research the voter’s eligibility, and if that eligibility can be confirmed, the ballot will be counted. If a voter does not have the necessary documents to confirm their identity, the voter will be offered a conditional provisional. Voters issued a conditional provisional ballot need to return either to the voting location or selected locations after the election to confirm their identity. 


Voters issued a provisional ballot can check the status below.


Conditional Provisional Ballot Information:
Acceptable Identification

Check My Provisional Ballot Status

Voters issued a provisional ballot can check the status using the link below. Enter your LAST NAME and AFFIDAVIT ID from the copy you received at your voting location. For questions or if you have lost the copy, call 602-506-1511.

Check Status

Provisional Ballot Voter Receipt

Why Would I Need a Provisional Ballot?

Below are some of the reasons voters may be issued a provisional ballot at the voting location.

May Not Be Registered

The voter cannot be found in the SiteBook (check-in system) or is not registered to vote.

May Not Be Eligible

The voter did not register by the deadline, does not live in the jurisdiction holding the election, is not yet 18 years old, or is not registered with an eligible party for the Presidential Preference Election.

Did Not Provide Valid Identification

The voter did not provide acceptable identification.

May Have Already Voted

Our records indicated that the voter already cast a ballot.

May Be At the Wrong Location

During precinct voting, our records indicated that a voter cast a ballot at the wrong location.

Voter Challenged

Another voter challenged the voter's eligibility at the voting location.