Early Ballot Signature Curing

The Elections team checks the signature on your green affidavit envelope against all known signatures in your official voter registration file and past affidavit signatures. Our signature verification process has multi-level checks to ensure only valid signatures are counted. Make sure you provide your phone number on the green affidavit envelope. The Elections team uses it to contact voters with questionable signatures. State law provides voters with questionable signatures three business days after this election to confirm their signature. 

What is Curing?

Curing is the process of correcting any problems with your signature on the green affidavit envelope for early voting. For your ballot to be tabulated, we must have a verified signature each election cycle.​ There is a small window of time to cure signature issues. ​

The deadline to cure a ballot packet is:​​

  •  5 business days post-Election Day for any Federal Election such as a Primary, General or March Presidential Preference Election.
  • 3 business days post-Election Day for all other local elections.

Do I need to cure my signature?

Curing is only required when we are unable to verify your signature through the Signature Verification process. ​

The Elections team will reach out to you by one of these options:​

  • Mail​ (Letter from Maricopa County Elections)
  • Phone (an Election official will call you directly)  
  • Text/Email Automatic Ballot Status Notifications (if you have opted in to receive ballot status updates) 
  • Email​ (an Election official may email you directly if your email is on file)  
  • “Check Your Status” yourself through a personalized Voter Dashboard at BeBallotReady.Vote.  If it shows on that page as “Questioned Signature”, then details and a link to the Text2Cure process will be provided.

If you are not contacted by the Elections team, you do not need to cure your ballot. ​

How to cure my signature.

You can cure your signature on your early ballot packet in two convenient ways - by text or phone.  
These are easy ways to ensure the Elections team has complete and correct information to verify your identity so that your ballot can be processed and counted. 

Cure by Text :

  • Text2Cure (when we reach out to you, information will be provided on how to utilize this Text2Cure process). It entails receiving a link to a secure portal where you can validate your signature and verify your identity by uploading an image of your AZ Driver License or AZ State ID.
  • “Check Your Status” through your personalized Voter Dashboard at BeBallotReady.Vote.  If it shows on that page as “Questioned Signature”, then details and a link to the Text2Cure process will be provided.

Cure by Phone :

  • 602-506-1511 (our Call Center stands ready during the election cycle to take your call and verify your identity over the phone using certain personal identifiable information contained on your voter record).

Signature Verification

100% of mail-in ballot signatures are reviewed by trained staff. The multi-tier signature verification process includes a manager review of all questioned signatures or blank envelopes, and a 2% daily audit of all good signatures before any ballot is counted. Click the link below to learn more about early ballot verification and oversight.