What is UOCAVA

Military & Overseas Voters

Overseas Citizens or active out-of-county/overseas military and their dependent family members are afforded special consideration under federal (Uniformed & Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act or UOCAVA) and state law in an effort to address the additional obstacles that you face in participating in our democracy. This webpage will aid you in submitting a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) or in verifying your registration and current out-of-county mailing address, allow you to check to ensure that Maricopa County Elections has you designated correctly as a UOCAVA voter, request a ballot by submitting an FPCA form, and check the status of your ballot request or FPCA status to be sure that it is received in time to be counted.

Who Qualifies

To be eligible for UOCAVA, the person must be a resident of Arizona, age 18 by Election Day, and fit into one of the following categories:

  • Uniformed personnel — A U.S. citizen on active duty in the Uniformed Serviced or Merchant Marine; and/or family member stationed outside Maricopa County or the United States.
  • Overseas Citizen Indefinitely Away — A U.S. citizen residing outside the U.S., who was qualified to register in Arizona immediately prior to his or her departure from Arizona, and whose return is uncertain.
  • Overseas Citizen Temporarily Away — A U.S. citizen residing outside the U.S., who is qualified to register in Arizona, and is intending to return to the U.S.


If you are not an active military member, dependent or qualifying spouse stationed out of the country or overseas, please return to the main elections page.

If you meet the criteria included above, proceed to the Maricopa County Military and Overseas secure portal. 

Maricopa County Secure Portal

Requirements Under Law


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