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Public Records Request

Public records requests can be submitted for voter data and elections data. Please note, as the Public Records Custodian for the Maricopa County Elections, the Recorder's Office is required to promptly respond to public records requests. Our response depends on the scope of the request and the resources necessary to process your request.


The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office refrains from interpreting records or data that are released from our office. Please note that certain data may be restricted from electronic posting or sharing, as outlined in A.R.S. §16-168. Should you have any inquiries, we advise you to seek guidance from your legal counsel.


Receiving Requested Data

The Recorder's Office processes requests in the order they are received. When a request is ready the requestor will be notified and sent an invoice for payment. The requested data or documents will be shared with the requestor once payment is received. 


Paying Fees

Fees for public records can be accepted via phone or mail as cash, check, or a credit card. Fees may vary based off the number of records included in the request and the type of records request.

Voter and elections data will be charged in accordance with A.R.S. § 16-168(E) with the following fee schedule.

Number of Records Flate Rate Additional Cost Per Record
1 - 124,999 $93.75 $0.0005
125,000 - 249,999 $156.25 $0.000375
250,000 - 499,999 $203.13 $0.0025
500,000 - 999,999 $265.63 $0.000125
1,000,000 or more $328.13 $0.0000625


Downloading Data

The requestor will receive data or documents via electronic portal. The Custodian of Public Records will email an auto-generated password to the requestor’s email. The requestor will receive a separate email with the link to access data or documents. A file layout and instructions on how to read the data file will be in the folder. Requested information will be available for two weeks; the link will expire after the two-week period.


Online Public Records Request

Use the Maricopa County online public records portal to make commercial or non-commercial purpose public records requests for the Recorder's Office and Maricopa Elections, A Department of the Board of Supervisors.

Submit a Commercial Purpose Request Online

Submit a Non-Commercial Request Online

Public Records Frequently Asked Questions