Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Election 2024

Arizona will hold a Primary Election on July 30. All registered voters in Maricopa County may vote in this election, which will determine the candidates from each party that will be on the General Election Ballot in November. Voters registered as Independent or Party Not Declared must specify which party's ballot they would like to vote. Those who vote by mail will receive a card 90 days from Election Day asking which party's ballot they want to receive.  If voting in person, voters will tell the poll worker which party ballot they wish to vote, and the corresponding ballot will be printed on-site. Visit BeBallotReady.Vote to verify your registration status and ensure your information is correct. 

General Election

Arizona will hold a General Election on Tuesday, November 5, 2024. All registered voters in Maricopa County are eligible to participate. Arizona’s General Election occurs every two years, always in an even year. This election includes federal, state, county and local offices that are up for election. The general election is the final election held between nominees of various parties, as well as non-partisan races, ballot propositions, and initiatives.  Visit BeBallotReady.Vote to verify your registration information.