July 01, 2022

Maricopa County Offering Bonuses to Temporary Election Workers

As final preparations for the 2022 August Primary and November General election take shape, the Maricopa County Elections Department is now offering the opportunity for temporary election workers to earn up to an additional $1,750 bonus. The incentive seeks to ensure the county has the staffing necessary to support Maricopa County voters.

With more than three million ballots expected to be cast between the Primary and General elections, the Department must hire temporary staff for bipartisan ballot processing boards, delivery drivers, warehouse staff, as well as technical set up personnel to support each election.

The bonuses were included as part of Maricopa County’s recently approved FY2023 budget, where the Board of Supervisors reduced taxes and implemented cost-saving measures to assist both taxpayers and county employees with rising costs and inflation.

"Elections are truly a community undertaking," said Chairman Bill Gates, District 3.  "It's not just county staff involved in running safe, secure elections, it's also your neighbors and friends who work with us.  By approving extra pay for temporary election workers, the Board is making an important investment to ensure a smooth experience for registered voters and bipartisan oversight as ballots are counted."

A $1,000 bonus will be awarded to temporary election staff who work 240 hours and a minimum of four weeks during the August Primary and/or November General elections. To be eligible for a $1,750 bonus, the temporary employee must work 400 hours and a minimum of eight weeks over the same time period. The bonus will be paid in December and is limited to temporary election staff working at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center. 

"The temporary workers who join our team are the backbone of running safe, secure, and transparent elections,” said Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer. “They deserve to be rewarded for their commitment to the institutions of democracy in Maricopa County, and I am proud that we as a county will be recognizing their efforts and rewarding them with this well-earned demonstration of our gratitude.

Maricopa County Elections Department’s partnership with the community is vital in its success in facilitating elections. These workers possess the right mix of skills and ensure balanced political party representation to support the efficacy of election services.

Those interested in serving Maricopa County voters can find more information about job opportunities at GetInvolved.Maricopa.Vote.


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