November 08, 2022

Maricopa County November General Election Results Posted

Unofficial results are now posted for the November General Election.

Early tallies show 843,333 voters cast a ballot, which represents about 34.63 percent of total eligible voters. The ballots included in the 8 p.m. results posting are early ballots that have been received, verified, and processed as of Saturday.

We will publish in-person Election Day results as they are returned from each of the 223 Vote Centers throughout the night. Over 247,000 voters cast a ballot in-person today.

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The County is expecting 150,000-250,000 early ballots to be dropped off today. All of those early ballots must first be signature verified and processed, before they are counted. The County must also complete the tallying of write-in candidates, research provisional ballots and cure questionable signatures prior to finalizing the counts.

We’ll update unofficial results daily by 7 p.m. until all verified ballots are counted. We’ll also provide a daily update of the estimated ballots left to count.

Find Maricopa County's election results at Results.Maricopa.Vote.

The Elections Department cannot complete counting until after the November 16 statutory deadline for:

  • Conditional Provisional Ballots – If a voter did not provide sufficient ID when voting in-person, they still have 5 business days to prove identity and have their ballot counted. Find out more at ProvisionalStatus.Maricopa.Vote.
  • Questionable Signatures — Voters whose early ballot signature was questioned to cure the signature issue. Voters can track their early ballot status online at BeBallotReady.Vote.

Due to a new Arizona law, the County is also preparing for the increased chance of an automatic recount after final results are confirmed. Senate Bill 1008 increased the automatic recount threshold from a tenth of one percent to half of one percent. If a statewide contest triggers the new threshold, Arizona counties must count all the ballots on the machines a second time beginning in December after the Statewide canvass. It’s likely the courts would finalize the recount in late December.

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