November 19, 2022

Maricopa County Election Results Updated

Maricopa County unofficial results have been updated for the November General Election. We now estimate that the count is 99.8 percent complete.

Updated results show 1,561,269 ballots have been counted, which represents 64.11 percent of total eligible voters. This post included an additional 2,070 ballots, which include early ballots that have had the envelope signature cured, provisional ballots, and all additional “door 3” Election Day ballots.

There are an estimated 1,200-3,600 remaining ballots to be counted. These include the final early ballots to be cured, provisional ballots and Election Day ballots.

The Elections Department will do another update of unofficial results tomorrow. Voters can track their early ballot online at BeBallotReady.Vote. See results at Results.Maricopa.Vote.

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