November 12, 2022

Maricopa County Election Results Updated

Maricopa County unofficial results have been updated for the November General Election. We now estimate that the count is 87.6% complete. 

Updated results show 1,376,325 ballots have been counted, which represents 56.51% percent of total eligible voters. This post included an additional 85,656 ballots, nearly all of which were dropped off on Election Day. Other ballots included would be any cured early ballot envelope signature.

There are an estimated 185,000-195,000 remaining ballots. Below is the breakdown:

  • Estimated Election Day ballots to be reported: 5,000
  • Estimated early ballots left to process and tabulate: 171,227
  • Estimated number of early ballots left to cure: 10,159
  • Estimated provisional ballots left to research: 430 (274 of those are conditional provisional ballots)

The Elections Department will do another update of unofficial results tomorrow.

Today, staff processed an additional 46,000 early ballots dropped on Election Day and staged them for tabulation. Maricopa County received a historic number of early ballots on Election Day with 290,000 dropped off at the county’s 223 Vote Centers.

This is now the fourth full day since Election Day. In Maricopa County, final results are typically reported within 10-12 days.

Early ballot staff continues to work on provisional and early ballots that require additional verification before they can be counted. The last day voters can cure a signature issue or provide ID for a conditional provisional ballot is Wednesday, November 16 at 5 p.m.

Voters can track their early ballot online at BeBallotReady.Vote. See results at Results.Maricopa.Vote.

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