Recorder Richer Launches Ad Campaign Encouraging Voters To Use BeBallotReady.Vote

January 03, 2024

PHOENIX – Today, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer launched a series of ads to increase ongoing voter list maintenance by encouraging voters to check their registration at BeBallotReady.Vote.

The Recorder’s ad campaign to direct voters to the recently enhanced BeBallotReady.Vote and strengthen ongoing voter roll maintenance will include:

  • Videos on YouTube, broadcast television, and connected television (CTV)
  • Traditional radio and digital audio
  • Billboards and the Footprint Center marquee tower
  • Digital (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and website digital displays)

The ads will be available in English and Spanish beginning Wednesday, January 3 through Monday, February 19. The second phase of the ad campaign is slated to take place mid-April through June 2024.

Our office partnered with Commit Agency, a local marketing agency, to bring the series of ads to life. Here are a couple examples of what Maricopa County residents will see:

Encouraging Maricopa County voters to visit BeBallotReady.Vote to review their registration and personalized election information will greatly benefit voter list maintenance efforts. By visiting the online voter dashboard, voters can ensure their address, political party, name, and more are all up-to-date. They can also find helpful information about upcoming elections, vote center locations, and voting resources.

Checking BeBallotReady.Vote is especially important during the first phase of the ad campaign because of the Presidential Preference Election (PPE) on March 19. Per state law, only voters registered as a Republican or a Democrat by February 20 are eligible to participate. This will allow voters to be aware of their options and eligibility.

"Voter list maintenance is vital to ensure the rolls are accurate and registration information is up to date – and to instill confidence in elections,” said Recorder Richer. “List maintenance has been a top priority since I took office, and our team at the Recorder’s Office uses various resources to update our records. Through BeBallotReady.Vote voters can help take part in the process by making sure we've got the right information."

The Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Arizona State Budget allocated funding for the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office (MCRO) to dedicate to voter list maintenance. MCRO is utilizing a portion of that funding source for this ad campaign to inform voters of the importance of voter list maintenance and encourage them to check their information at BeBallotReady.Vote.

Recorder Richer expressed his thanks in a recent tweet: “The state legislature allocated funding for voter list maintenance… If that's something you appreciate, give thanks to the state legislature and governor, and follow [the Recorder’s Office] for upcoming clean up efforts.”

About Voter List Maintenance

Despite Maricopa County’s growing population, the number of total active registered voters recently dropped from more than 2.5 million to roughly 2.4 million. The decrease of about 100,000 voters is due to the recent jurisdictional election in November and MCRO's continued list maintenance efforts through various reports.

When ballot affidavits and official election mail are returned as undeliverable with no response, voters move out of the county, or even when someone passes away, MCRO has methods to verify and utilize that information to help update voter rolls, in accordance with state and federal law.

MCRO also uses several reporting systems ranging from the Secretary of State’s Office, the Arizona Department of Health Service’s Bureau of Vital Records, the state and federal court system, and tools such as the USPS National Change of Address reports, and monthly Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) reports to identify voter moves, deceased voters, as well as possible duplicate voters among other states.

This is a daily practice that is only made easier when voters take ownership of their voter information through resources like BeBallotReady.Vote.

Check to see if you’re eligible for the upcoming PPE, view your voting district, and so much more at BeBallotReady.Vote




About the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office

The Maricopa County Recorder's Office is responsible for the public recording of more than 50 million documents in the County, as well as overseeing mail voting and managing the registration of approximately 2.4 million active registered voters.